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It is only appropriate on 6/6/06 to address the headliner, Mr. Pitchfork.

As the world is still here, it is clear that his powers are limited. In fact, the only thing he seems to be able to do is provide temptation. Of course that results in a lot of bad stuff happening. (Just look at the Brad Pitt debacle!).

Without temptation, nobody would cheat on anybody they love. Nobody would steal, and nobody would kill. "Lead us not into temptation" is a key request in the most said prayer. I would be perfectly happy to live without temptation as it would allow me to focus on happiness and love.

We should have an avoid temptation day where everyone consciously walks away from something tempting (cake, pretty girl or boy, etc.). I think we would all be better off for it and Mr. Pitchfork would have a tizzy fit!

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