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Jane Lake and Laughter!

There is nothing better than a great laugh. The kind when you can't breathe, your eyes water, and you have to leave the room. In my family, we call this the Lake Laugh as certain family members seem to inherit it, or at least catch it from someone else in the family. (one of my adopted nieces has it as well!)

Other than in a classroom, it is a great experience and in many ways rivals the big O as the greatest pleasure one can experience.

I encourage everyone to bask in their laughter whenever they have a chance, and to help make others laugh as well. It is one of the best healing tools we have. I will try to bring a little laughter to others with my blog as well, although I'm not sure if laughing at me counts!

There is nothing better than a good belly laugh. I haven't had a good lake laugh in a while.

As far as classrooms go, that is the worst place to have one especially when no one else is in on the joke.

I remember in 9th grade, my friend brought in a giggle stick. She set it off in health class, and I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. I don't think anyone else heard the stick because they were all staring at me--teacher included--as though I was stark-raving mad.

I think articles which deliver a good laugh is just what your blog needs.

You conceited hippy. Get a job.

I have a job as Chief Conceited Hippie, whatever that is!

My kids and I can start laughing about something and sometimes it goes on until we can't stop. Now we're laughing at each other because we're laughing. This goes on until everyone else leaves the room in disgust and we are exhausted. But how cathartic it is.

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