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Jane Lake and Miracles!

I think we all experience miracles but write them off as coincidence or luck or just strange. I've experienced a few miracles in my life. It confirms to me the importance of prayer (in any shape or form you might choose) and of being kind to others (call it Karma or the power of positive energy or endorphins). And it doesn't have to be a life or death situation.

In college, I needed to get a least an 80 on a very difficult final exam in advanced quantum physics at an Ivy League college to graduate. The catch is I hadn't broken 65 on any test in the class up until then. I couldn't study because I was stymied by the material, and by the end of the course was just beyond my learning capabilities in the amount of time I had. So I prayed. To make a long story short, I got an 85 and have no rational explanation for how.

People like to poo-poo thinks they can't hold in their hands like miracles. But I would encourage everyone to seek prayer when they can't think of anything else to do.

Hi I'm Frances and I am NYCer too.
So glad I found you on BlogExplosion.
I shall return.
Take care.


My concious mind is misleading me.
Is everything a miracle or nothing.
Where can i find a miracle? Miracles are so universal it is hard to say person, place, or thing.I keep on asking but its nowhere to be found. Maybe its brewing as i type, maybe its flying over my head, either way i can't see it or them. I have faith but need perspective, maybe perspective is key and then that is when miracles precipitate. Or our subconcious mind act likes a magnet with prayer or meditation then the positive flows to the negative. (Trying to make realizations while typing)
let me know what you think

Dan Ladd

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