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Jane Lake and Justin Timberlake!

Sorry Cameron, but Justin has decided that Jane Lake is what he really needs now. He went through the squeeky clean phase, the wild druggie/drinker phase, and now its time to come home to the sexy yet conservative Jane Lake.

I will probably do a duet with him on the next album titled "Justin and Jane"
We will need to work on the tune but just use the Brady Bunch theme for now!

Here's the story,
of an awesome lady
who was blogging every day to share her thoughts
All of them were plans of peace and solving problems
yet she was all alone.

Here's the story.
of a Britney reject
who has talent but does not know what to do
He hooked up with Cameron Diaz as a filler
But they are almost through

'Til the one day when this gent went on his laptop
and he found the blog that now would change his life
All his dreams were coming true as he read each post.
Jane Lake would be his wife.

Justin and Jane!
Justin and Jane!
That's how they became Justin and Jane.


Well I certainly hope Ms. Jane Lake that Justin finds his way to you!

Have a great day - Blogazoo was how I found you.

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That was great! Good luck Jane. Miss Lake if you're nasty...

(Surfing BlogMad)

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