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Jane Lake and Making Money on the Internet!

As you can see by my site, I have tried various ways of making money on the internet. My parameters for what I try are as follows:

No cost to join
Typically residual income
No cost to promote

I have had minimal success and earn $25 - $100 a month from some of the better ones and $0 - $25 a month from 95% of the rest. Collectively, it adds up but I would love to find the one big one! A lot of people think Google Adsense is the be all and end all, but unless you have ginormous traffic, it seems to be piddling.

Surprisingly enough, one of my best money makers is Free Lotto


Get 30 tickets free every day! No cost to you at all. It is the oldest free lotto site on the internet! It is rare that you can promote something that cost nothing for someone to join and you still make money. Yes, you only make $1 per person, and $2 per affiliate but when something is free the numbers begin to fly. I typically make $25 - $50 a day with minimal effort. Unfortunatley there is no residual income, but you can promote it in Canada, Australia, and the UK as well as the US so it is actually possible to get a million sign ups, and make $1 million.

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