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Jane Lake and Ridiculousness!

Have you ever taken note of being in a crowd of people and everyone is silent and then a loud bodily noise is involuntarily emitted by the least likely of people? It inevitably is laughed at by all including the embarrassed perpetrator.

Or have you been in a classroom and the inattentive student is asked a question by the teacher and the response is as ridiculous as you could imagine?

These are the moments that I treasure, for the special times when ridiculousness rules is when everyone forgets their problems, concerns, and seriousness that sometimes overwhelms ones life.

Part of what makes blogging fun is the ridiculousness of some of the comments where they complete miss the point or twist your comment to create a platform for their own dissertation.

Let's try to all be a little more ridiculous. I think it can only help!

Yeah. A bit of silliness is good to take our minds off the daily grind.

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