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Jane Lake and The Seasons!

I thought a nice non-controversial subject may be in order. My favorite seasons in order are spring, fall, summer, and winter. I don't think I am unique here, but this is my reasoning.

Spring is the best because you just got through winter which is the worst so in comparison it seems that much better. School ends, season finales on tv, and flowers. It doesn't get any better.

Fall is second because it's cooler than summer. It feels like a new beginning and the changing colors of the leaves are incredible. New tv shows, Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is a time for family and friends.

Summer is not as great because it gets too hot and humid. I am not a water person and everything seems on hold waiting for fall. Reruns, parade holidays (July 4th, Labor day), and sunburn take away a lot of points.

Winter is the worst because when it is below 20 degrees, it is just too cold to enjoy anything. You are trapped inside and always looking for something to do. Decent holidays, fun in the snow (as long as its not too much), and hot chocolate save an otherwise brutal season.

I think I like the fall most. The trees turn all those pretty colors.

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