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The Lucky Blog Post

The Lucky Blog Post
Congratulations! Lady Fortune has selected you to read this Lucky Blog Post™, and your life will never be the same.

"What nonsense," you might say. That was the attitude of 92-year-old Joseph Myers, a retiree at the Frisky Acres Managed Living Center in Naples, Florida. According to an official report filed at Frisky Acres, Myers read the Lucky Blog Post™ on the evening of November 16, 2005. But rather than taking immediate action, Myers retired for the night with his companion, a Tampa-based "senior comfort specialist" named Xanadu. He was found dead in his bed the next morning.

Coincidence? The National Safety Council would disagree. At 92 years of age, Joseph Myers lived approximately 33,603 days. That places the odds of him dying on the particular night of 16 November, 2006 -- the very evening he chose to ignore the Lucky Blog Post™ -- at an astonishing 33,603 to 1.

To put this in perspective, the NSC estimates the chance of the average American dying in a transportation accident at 1 in 77. Your odds of dying as the result of a fall is 1 in 229. The likelihood of death from something as unusual an "event of undetermined intent" is only 1 in 771.

Government-sponsored science demonstrates the danger of ignoring this Lucky Blog Post™.

In a moment, you'll be instructed how to avoid this risk. But first, let's take a look at some of the amazing fortune which has visited those who took advantage of the opportunity you are now being presented.

B.S. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was an ambitious young singer with big dreams, but no prospects of success. She was among the first to receive the Lucky Blog Post™, and responded within hours. Today, she's one of the best-known names in pop music.

Despite being born into a famous and wealthy family, G.W.B. of Houston, Texas, coasted aimlessly from one failed business enterprise to another. That was before he responded to the Lucky Blog Post™. He went on to be elected governor, and is now the president of the most powerful nation in the world.

K.B. of Denver, Colorado, wondered how to bring more traffic to her online enterprise. Then she received the Lucky Blog Post™. Her Google rankings exploded, and she's now regarded as one of the most influential young women on the internet.

Now the choice is yours -- how will you respond to Lucky Blog Post™?

Having decided to pursue Lady Fortune's graces, you must do the following within 24 hours:

If you are a blogger ... copy the Lucky Blog Post™ in its entirety. Add your weblog address to the bottom of the list below in the form of a hyperlink, and post the otherwise unedited article to your site under the title "The Lucky Blog Post."

If you are not a blogger ... you can still receive the full benefit of the Lucky Blog Post™ by bookmarking it using one or more of the following services: Digg,, Netscape, or Furl.

It is possible to multiply your fortune by finding other ways of bringing the Lucky Blog Post™ to public attention. You should not, however, email the Lucky Blog Post™ in any form. Doing so will displease Lady Fortune.

May the Lucky Blog Post™ bring you uncountable blessings.

The list:

The Lucky Blog Post
Mountains and Rivers
A Yoga Coffee Outlook
Jane Lake Makes a Mistake

Got this a couple of years ago-ignored it then and am still ignoring it. superstitious people are led around by their noses. just short of being slaves.

I posted it not for the bad that might happen if I don't, but the good that may happen if I do.

Personally, I hate chain mail and delete them all the time, but I figured nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying.

Wow, I just realized this is the first post you haven't put your name in. My life is over now.

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