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Wow! A lot of big news today. 1) Al Zaqarwi dead. 2) Ann Coulter on a rampage. 3)Jane Lake auditions for a game show. (audition is tonight so stay tuned!)

I will give you my 2 cents on the above mentioned news items.

1) Nobody's death is anything to cheer about. I'm sure the line of evildoers behind him is longer than we would like to think. Like I said in a previous post, it is about temptation. These people are surrounded by little voices saying "do bad things", and the good voices are nowhere to be seen. An Al Zaqarwi that changes his ways and comes over to the good side is worth a million dead Al Zaqarwis.

2) Ann Coulter is an expert at pressing people's buttons. Criticizing the wives of 9/11 victims is a giant button pusher. She sells more books, more people know who she is, and listen. To her it is win-win. She in fact is doing the exact same thing as the women she is criticizing. She is using the sensitivity of 9/11 to attract attention. Ann is smart as a fox!

3)If my friends and I make it on to this game show, I will be sure to use it as a political platform by either having a wardrobe malfunction or bad mouthing Hillary Clinton.

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