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Jane Lake and The News!

You look at the recent headlines and you realize The News has become a mishmash of horrific events, meaningless gossip chatter, and updates on cold cases. This morning I see:

Is the JonBenet Ramsey case solved? - Have we heard the last of this one? Tune into Nancy Grace for the same news over and over again.

Jennifer Aniston denies she's engaged - Who cares?

Double-headed animals on exhibit - Why?

U.S.-led strike kills Afghan police, Car bomb kills 7 in Baghdad slum - Do we have to see this every day?

Jury finds Merck failed to warn of Vioxx dangers - We need our fix of failed corporate compliance to round out a complete day of news!

I would love to see this headline someday:

No news today - off having a picnic.

Jane...I could not agree with you more! We are so oversaturated with the media's ramblings that I find it hard to process anything I hear or see. If most of it was even relevant then I would not mind so much. But look around. People are more interested in who is engaged to whom in Hollywood than anything going on in their own families. Disconnect for a while. Turn off the news. Read a book for God's sake. Take a walk. Talk to your children. Get your bearings back.

Coming out of a family of devout gossips I'm not sure if people turning their bloodthirst in celebrities upon their own kin is such a grand alternative. We went forward a little too fast in some areas, acquiring the technology for real time information, or almost real time for those on dial-up, but we don't really have anything to process all that information. Just the news which is trying to slip some money out our pockets by picking the stories most liable to grab it. All the same I agree with your sentiments Jane. Maybe let them send the classifieds with a front page of

"Gone Fishing--Check back Monday for an up to date report on trout movements and depletion in Bayou Savage."

Not that anyone in the area who'd be interested in green trout doesn't already know what they're up to in the bayous, but it's nice to find less of a salesman in the news writers.

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