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Some of Her Parts

Some of Her Parts is a short film set in the near future, when medicine will allow people to survive long past the human body's shelf life.
In the movie, a young woman named Vanessa visits the hospital to celebrate the 173rd birthday of her grandmother Miriam, who is now a box. Unfortunately, Miriam isn't doing so well. Vanessa is forced to make a decision that could dramatically alter what remains of her grandmother's life....

Why It's Important

This is a cautionary tale about a medical system much like ours, which too often treats us as things rather than people. When technology and medicine advance and allow us to reshape our bodies, how will we preserve our humanity? How will our relationship to illness, aging, and death change?
If we hope to prevent the dehumanizing aspects of modern healthcare from becoming far more literal, we need to promote empathy as a primary value in medicine. After all, we are more than just our bodies.

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