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Jane Lake and the Super Bowl!

I admittedly know nothing about sports, but there is something about the Super Bowl that is hard to avoid.

At work, there are the "boxes". Buy a couple and you are hooked - at least in watching the end of each quarter.

Socially, there are the "Super Bowl Parties" where boys will be boys and girls will be boys.

Whether you watch it for the commercials or the half time wardrobe malfunctions, or for the thrill of watching someone throw a dead cow to a grossly overweight athlete, it is a once a year must for any good American.

Being from Boston, I have to hope the Patriots make it again. It at least makes people think I care. Otherwise, I will claim I got 2 - 2 for my box and watch everyone look so sad for me.

Ah, the box pools. We'll be starting one up at my work soon as well. Good luck!

Hi Jane

Glad to see blogging is a big adventure!


I'm hoping the Pats make it to the Super Bowl, again...I liked you poem and I agree, keep the snow in ski country we don't need it around here.

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