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Jane Lake and Sam Brownback!

Once in a blue moon (which of course really isn't blue!) there is a presidential candidate that rises above the others as someone you would actually vote for, not because they are the lesser of two evils, but that they would actually make a great President.

Sam Brownback is that candidate. Now, typically that means that he will be pummeled early and hard so that he doesn't even have a chance to represent his party in the general election. But the eternal optimist that I am, I hold that glimmer of hope that others will notice the humanity, wisdom, and honesty that Brownback represents.

He certainly at this point does not have the name recognition of the other Republicans that have announced or will announce their candidacies. But neither did Jimmy Carter at this point analogously in his campaign.

And this I know for sure. I can not stomach Hilary. I do not like her Sam I am!

Hmmm he's a little evangelical for me.

I have no idea whom I would vote for.... Rudy is the only one I even like at this point.

If "evangelical" means knowing the difference between right and wrong, wanting peace for our country, and not wavering on these beliefs, than I think we need "evangelical".

Rudy did a nice job with crime in NYC and handled 9/11 well, but all in all he was a mediocre mayor at best. Clearly the 9/11 fame has minimized his weaknesses. I think he would be a big mistake.

Holy Cow Jane!! Now Jenn being my favorite blogger girl ever!! I think I like you nearly as much.

Here I come by and ignore you thinking you are a goof ball like me and you make sense.

I agree with Jenn he's a little Pat Robertson, but you are on the right track.Thanks

I don't like Hillary either. In fact, it would not be an exageration to say that I have a Dick Morris-like hatred of her. I can't stand how she looks, how she speaks, or how she thinks.

However, I would bet that she and Barack will be prez and vp come Nov. '08.

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