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So the audition for the game show went well!!

We had to take a test which was like:

Rose _____ League, and you had to write the word that fits both of the other words. In this case "Bush". It was pretty hard and none of us did extremely well, but my friend pointed out that they wouldn't want people that would always get it correct or it wouldn't be much of a show.

Then we did an on camera round with just our team. Again, gamewise we didn't excel, but we were funny and personable and they seemed to like us.

I think we have a good chance, but they aren't calling people for another month, so once again, stay tuned!

Jane Lake

game show:
Is this fact, or fiction?
Come on, Jane, rose ---- league, you shoulda got that! It's easy!

blog in general:
I salute the tone of your blog! I like your ambition to love-conquer the world with your blog.
But again, I wonder, f or f?

Good luck. I'll check back in later and see how it's going

game show -fact

Check out:

ambition - fact - You'll see

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