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Jane Lake and Criticism!

I have received a number of comments since my adventure began in the blogging world, and I would like to comment on these criticisms.

There have been technical criticisms:

- My blog is unreadable in Firefox, but alright in IE.

I will investigate how to improve the appearance in Firefox or just overall, but I am just a beginner blogger so it may take some time.

There have been character assassinations:

- Stupid, young, naive, and many words that I would never use.

Everyone has there fans and foes. Some people are jealous of youth, or they are just braggadocios, negative nannys, and downright mean. I try not to delete posts that have any redeeming value, but those that are just vulgar and mean I do and will continue to delete. I would ask respectfully for those posting to my blog to respect my wishes to refrain from using George Carlin's 7 words.

There have been refutement of my facts:

- I actually appreciate if someone corrects me if I have my facts wrong. However, on the abortion issue I am dead right.

Finally, there have been some positive comments, and surprisingly some came from those posting negative comments as well.

I look forward to continuing to learn the blogging world and to hopefully come up with a few practical solutions to our worlds problems that may actually be implemented. Stranger things have happened!

This could be one of the dumbest blogs ever.


You fit very nicely into my second category.

>>on the abortion issue I am dead right<<

thats funny. seemed to me like heretic had some good facts on the issue and you didnt. but i guess just saying you are right makes it all better ::rolls eyes::

just because anon fits well into your second category, doesn't make him less correct

hmmm... how do you know anon is a him?

Sounds like anonymous likes to mess with you!
I like your blog - and I have IE, so I can read fine.
Keep up the good work!

From another beginner blogger....

I use the same template as you do for my personal blog:

I've been experimenting with the same template and I got to a revision:

Here are some places where you can find the codes:


Color codes:

For Adsense, you can change your color to match your site by using the color codes above.

If you want the color codes for your site, let me know. I use the same site, and I can give it to you.

Good Luck.

P.S. I dont know if you were looking for help. But it really pissed me off when people just came by and criticized my site, and will not offer help. What the frak?

several problems with this blog:
1)the topics you chose and your views on them are far from original. if this was just a place to put your thoughts, fine, but you're trying to make this a site people will want to read, and it doesn't work. put facts behind your posts and perhaps you'll be taken seriously.

2)this blog is just an attempt by whoever you are to become an internet phenomenon. sadly, the internet values creativity and sincerity of effort, not dumb things like "i'm going to raise 5 billion dollars for charity. look at me!" try to trade a red paperclip for a house and see how far you get now that it's been done.

3)for the love of god, please oh please stop spamming craigslist. i'm tired of seeing your posts show up 9 times a week in a city you're not even from. i know it's the american dream to make a living off of banner ads, but just give it a rest. try putting whatever talents you have to work (writing isn't one of them, i'm sorry to say), and make some money. it's not hard to get rich, but it is hard to be a person of integrity.


As far as your blog's appearance in Firefox, I don't see the problem. But maybe I have low standards and am interested in what you've written more than how the blog looks.

Don't take dogmatic lib criticism seriously, since the defense of life, liberty and property doesn't call for "original" arguments.

One last bit of advice: keep it fun for you. If a few other people or a million other people come to find your blog interesting, so be it.

All the best,
D. Ox

Yeah, what Colin said. And your template looks like crap in Opera too.

PS. Only a moron deletes comments that aren't flattering to her.

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