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Jane Lake and True Love

I saw The Princess Bride for the umpteen time last night. Not only one of the greatest movies of all time, it reminded me that no one should settle for anything less than true love.

Relationships based on money, sex, and what the other person can do for you are doomed. True love focuses all aspects of your life and creates a bond that is not threatened by the potential of infidelity, lies, and domestic violence.

Not easy to find, but worth the search, true love, I believe, is out there for everyone.

Amen! I love that movie.


Your words are true, very much so. Can you relate this movie to such, I don't know. I saw this movie thanks to my older woman relationship I was fully in some time ago. So I will have to watch it again (for a 2nd time) to grasp any underlying meaning without judgements. But any time I think of this movie, or see this movie, I will also think about that one person I loved during a time when everything was peachy and without problems that has us apart today.

Do I still love this woman? Do I love her the same or has it changed? Is she the one? I don't want anybody else, I just want her so I can figure this out. Is that so wrong!?

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