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Jane Lake and Cell Phones

Remember phone booths, or having to beg someone in a restaurant to let you use their phone? Cell phones have become an adult pacifier. No reason to be bored when you can call a friend, text message, play games, listen to music, take a picture, etc. No reason to talk to the person next to you on the train, or care about waiting in line.
And of course the primary reason people started getting cell phones, for emergencies.

Of course, on 9/11 cell phones were useless. Many folks don't have land line phones anymore, and if electricity is out and batteries dead they are unreachable. Have we created a monster that is preparing to actually isolate us from each other rather than "bring us closer" as the cell phone companies would like us to believe?

Try living a week without your cell phone and experience life as it used to be. You might be surprised at what you find.

Coming from a country that has turned into cellphone-'addicts', I somehow think your idea that we've created a monster isn't exactly far-fetched.

Live without a cellphone for a week? I think I can do that...

Without an I-pod? You might as well just kill me! Now that's my monster! Ha-ha!

Heh, i got my first cell phone ever in December of 2005. It was forced on me by my work, but it hardly ever gets used for work purposes. or the most part though, it sits in my pocket, not glued to my ear. I'd rather interact with what's around me.

My cell phone lives in my truck's glove compartment. I have a pre-pay-by-the-minute thing, emergency only. It gets used maybe 3 or 4 times a year. And that is usually a "pizza emergency". I can only think of 2 times I have really NEEDED the thing in the past several years.

A week? Turn your cell phone off for 3 months, Jane. You're on the right track, you just need to go X-treme.

I lived without my cell phone for a week when it was detroyed by an alcoholic beverage (my roommate's fault) almost without incident, except that I barely knew anyone's numbers.

The internet however...that was the longest weekend of my life. I can without the net when I'm planning to do so, but to just have it up and fail on you?

Hey Jane.
I remember my first device was a voice pager. Where when someone paged you, you would hear their voice talking to you.
then came the brick phones, never had one of those. I bought the very first digital phone when primeco came to New Orleans. So, all told I have had some type of device strapped to me for some 20 odd years. Love NY. I come up and visit every other year, just for fun.

Hi Jane
I will play devil's advocate on behalf of Cell phones. They were very helpful during 9/11, which was at he time that many states were focused on new laws using them while driving. I think it was a good thing for love ones to be able to hear the victims in the planes last goodbys after cell phones were found .

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