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Jane Lake and Making a Difference!

Why is it so hard to make a difference?

1)Negativity- The first response you get when you throw out an idea is that it can't be done. This is why it won't work. Someone will be unhappy about it, etc. What we need is for people to start saying, "Okay let's try it and see if we can make it work". That's how we got freeze dried astronaut food.

2)Money - It will cost to much! Someone will skim the cream. I would rather spend the money on some other thing. Lest people forget, we print money every day. If we need money to do something, just print more. What are credit cards for, anyway?

3)Apathy - I don't care about it. That's someone else's problem. It will take care of itself. Nothing great gets accomplished with out proactive effort. The potential of world cooperation is astounding. After all Ice Cream cones come from a World's Fair.

4)Fanatics -whether they are on your side or the other side, fanatics make it more difficult to get things accomplished. It is important to be passionate about something, but everything can be resolved through intelligent design. Violence and threats should never be used to further a cause.

Get past these 4 things and you can make a difference. 1 and 3 can be ignored. 4 can be denounced, but 2 can be tricky. That's why you see Gates and Soros with the big ideas. Soon it will be Lake maiking the big difference. Just you wait and see!

blah blah, more self shilling. gates made it big because he had a good idea. there's value in listening to negative opinions - use them to evaluate what you're doing. jane lake isn't making a difference anywhere. if you happen to get the 5 billion, i have to wonder how much of it will even go to charity.


Read point 2 above. You are more concerned with how much of the $5 billion will be siphoned off for my Cayman Island boondoggle than you are with the potential of the thousands of lives saved by whatever good I will make of the remaining 2 billion (just kidding!).

Hello Jane Lake ;). Just like that I added you to my links because I am using now (long story). You can't see me but I'm doing the happy dance... I have issues. PS I forwarded your e-mail to the NBA - Nudist Bowlers of America. ;)


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