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Jane Lake and Numbers!

I am a numbers person. Right now my favorite number is 22. It is the day of the month someone very special to me was born, but it has taken on many more meanings as well. Whenever the number appears it gives me a boost of confidence.

The significance of numbers has been recorded since the beginning of time. That is 3761 B.C if you are Jewish, 13.7 billion B.C if you are a Big Bang theorist, and who knows how long ago if you like the String Theory (or string cheese for that matter!)

Most people have a favorite number and it usually has some significance like a date or an age or something that just speaks to you. I encourage everyone to share their favorite numbers here with me. Maybe I can compile a favorite favorite number that might reveal something mystical and exciting about us all. Or at least make a good lotto play!

I've always been fond of 13 because it's been more lucky than unlucky for me. 34 is a pretty good number as well

Hi... Found your blog through the bestest blog of all time site.

I've read some of your posts and find them quite interesting :)

I've always like the # 4, dunno why but there you have it.

I have always liked 5 and 8. Mt son and mother were both born Aug. 5.....different years,I'm not from AL. lol!

I've always been very fond of a million, no particular reason.

I consider 5 to be my lucky number.
I am also rather fond of multiples of 5, too.

Well Jane, my number's almost up! Because, you see, I'm an old IT guy nearing retirement.

PS: I've learned so much reading your blog. You inspire me, so now I'm gonna do a ditsy-blonde blog myself. Probably won't make $5B though. Lotsa luck.

Blog mad Hit

22 is mine - my birthday ....

i like prime numbers. i try to do everything in primes. the volume of the music i'm listening is always set to 13, or 17, or 19, or 23. i usually cook my food in the microwave for a prime amount of seconds, or say, 1 minute and a prime number of seconds. i don't like evens, especially multiples of 10. they are too perfect, too even. i love primes. my favorite book on the subject is 'prime obsession', on the life or riemann.
thanks for bringing up the number topic!

Big Bang Theory?? Numerology?? God created the world 6,000 years ago. What're you, some sort of Satanist?

(Just kidding!) I can't think of a favorite number, although 22 keeps turning up way more often than the law of averages would dicatate. I agree with you about "Illusions." (From your profile, not this post.) A great read and a great perspective on life.

Four. I don't know why, ever since I was little I did things in even numbers and four is a tidy one. 16 is 4X4 so that's good too.

Thanks everyone!!

Based on the posts, I think it is saying to win $1m play

4, 5, 8, 13, 22, 34

If you just take the prime numbers as gnatty so obsessively suggests, we would have 5 and 13. Unfortunatley 513, and 135 are not prime numbers, so I'm not sure if you should play them together.

17...I always pick 17!

My favorite number is 2. I don't know why but it is.

But, I have been thinking of changing that to Pi. That is the most mysterious number in mathematics and science. It shows up everywhere! Quantum mechanics, Rotational Dynamics, Trignometry.

It is so fascinating that they have entire books about this single irrational number.

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