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Jane Lake and Stress!

I was set free the day I got rid of my car. No stress about parking, flat tires, dead batteries, insurance, gas prices, registration, inspections, accidents, etc. Yes, I live in one of the few cities that you don't need a car, but I would recommend it to anyone who can pull it off.

Owning things is stressful in itself. Owning a house, you worry about mortgages, repairs, lawns, heating and air conditioning, the list is endless. If you own an expensive watch, you worry about it being stolen.

My recipe for a less stressful life is:

1) Own less things
2) Sex 2 - 3 times a week (more or less can be stressful!)
3) Exercise 3 - 4 times a week.
4) Eat healthy

Most of those are hard to do. Sex 2-3 times a week? Sure, if you're in college. Own less things? Unlikely. Exerise and eat healthy? Do you have the willpower?

This sex you speak of, would it be the foreplay stuff that you believe those without access to birth control should do or real sex? Haha

Yeah..good luck with that list! Now back to reality...unless you are living with 2-3 times a week is difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule..but maybe you don't because you are constantly working on this blog. Most people strive to eat healthy and excercise..but again..when you have a busy schedule...what I'm trying to say here is that your list is a nice try..for you maybe..but for the genral public, I think we need something based more on reality. Believe me, if I could live without my car I would...but where I live a car is a necessity.

Sex can also be connected to possessions, in the same way as a motor vehicle. Sex is just physical and gland simulation, but then what is strolling or public travel? But the point is that the stimulation road is a broad road. Sex can be more sensual, and less lustful maybe without the statistics.

Clean your blog up a bit, make it easier to read and more "professional" looking, maybe will help increase your donations.

The last commenter has a good point. I've commented a couple of times on the BLOG VILLAGE TopList Comments that your blog looks fine in IE, but looks really weird in FF, but evidently you haven't read them. Something like half of the surfers use FF now, so you're cutting your chances of getting a lot of donations.

I wish I knew how to help you fix the template, but I don't.


I think your tips for living a less stressful life are great. I realize that some of them are not easy, and two are subjective, but I think that if an individual is moving toward those goals she or he will be less likely to suffer lasting distress.

In response to some of the other comments I say again that these are goals to work towards, not ideals to realize immediately!

All well and done except #3. You can't be personally held responsible for not doing something that requires a partner to do. Kind of acrappy suggestion for someone that would love to accommodate, but can't- hell, the only reason I'm here at all is attempting a response to your own platonic personal.

Hey, Jane! I LOVE your blog. Not sure what a blog is, exactly, but I'm catching on to all these new, modern terms--even though I am only 28 (and also an Ivy-League graduate). I'd like to say that we're probably 95% in agreement on various issues, if not more. About simplifying life. . .that is the best, wisest, and only way to go because you otherwise miss the essentials of life and literally become clutterd as well as figuratively (mentally clutterd). And, besides, many of the great minds and hearts of recent times or times gone past have advocated a life of simplicity for usually just a couple of reasons (Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and, of course, Henry David Thoreau). By the end of 2006, I will have 250 or less total possessions, which is really, really amazing for the "average" American if you count each piece of clothing (underwear, T-shirt, pair of socks), book, etc. as one item--which is what I intend to do. And as my spiritual devotion and development gradually increases, I'd like that number to be well below 100 possessions. Cool, huh? I'm excited! If you're curious about what influenced me, e-mail me at Love, Danny C. Tseng, Miami, FL USA

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