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Jane Lake and the Subway

The NYC subway has its own special etiquette. You must let people off before you get on or incur the wrath of the craziest people on Earth.

This morning I experienced the results of breaking this rule. A very crowded subway approached the station, and to let some people off, a woman standing at the door needed to back off the train. Another woman trying to get on would not let the woman back off so the first woman pushed her and she pushed back. The screaming started.

Many bad words were exchanged continually as they both shuffled back on the train causing those on the train including myself to move back as far as possible. Some people chuckled, others look terrified.

They managed to settle down, but the distinction between pulling weapons out and letting it go was very fine.

The interesting thing is that either of these woman could have been teachers or businesswomen or any of a number of other respectable jobs which they would have been fired from summarily if this had occurred at work.

It makes you realize the fragile balance we all walk between peace and war.

Stupid people shouldn’/t blog. I found the stupidest person last week and her name is Jane Lake. I liked her blog at first but now she’/s just writing political stuff so her blog will get noticed. Funny how when she was talking about boring celebrities, she didn’t get any traffic. As soon as she started writing controversial stuff like abortions she gets lots of comments. Except she deletes them if she doesn’/t like them. That’/s just stupid. Now she’/s got a begging button on her blog. How dumb is that? She wants people to donate money so she doesn’/t have to work. I just can’/t believe that someone who is capable of working would beg from her blog so she didn’/t have to work. I don’/t like to work either but I have to so my beautiful little boy will have all the things he deserves. I’/ll bet she doesn’/t even need the money, she probably has rich parents. They probably paid her way through college, she didn’/t have to work her way through like the rest of us. She’/s nothing but an overprivileged brat who needs to grow up. Oh and she doesn’/t like swearing too so fuck, fuck, fuck!

Stupid people shouldn't steal other people'/s posts and put them on their blogs anonymously in order to generate comments. But that's what you get for being vain looking up blogs with your name in them. You had to because I'/m not listed on a traffic exchange. Loser.


The "anonymous" person that posted above actually tried to make that post 10 times in my blog to the point where I had to start moderating comments. I had no idea that it was posted in your blog. Of course you may be "anonymous". Anyway, it's not very nice what you said and it's a complete misinterpretation of me and my blog!

Jane, what's the deal with this?? Love your new look for the site. Very clean. And nicely written.

You really have to experiment with our sites, and that's how it gets better.

Where are all these poeple coming from?

I do not have a fulltime job. I work of my content sites and my e-commerce store. This is how I can afford to work 3 hours a day. It does pay.

Dont listen to them. Keep up the good work.

PS Side bar's a little bit off. Something is too big on that side.

Welcome to the world of blogging, sweetie. Not everyone is going to like you and you'd better get used to it. It might help if you made an effort not to sound so prissy.

I made the first comment because: This blog is being inappropriately advertised on other sites. In other words Jane Lake keeps spamming people. And like most spam her "product" has no social value. In addition I am upset because Jane Lake "moderates" her comments. And has always despite what she claims here. Also I despise blogs, what makes her opinion so noteworthy. Not only worthy of my time but also 5 billion dollars? I appologize for stealing mzunderstoods words. They were well written, on point, and I agreed with them totally. I never imagined they would be posted to comments. I only hoped Jane would read them before "moderating."

First off, nice loking site. Haven't seen your old one so can't really talk intelligently about it. Anyways, regarding the Subway post itself..subways are always fun yet scary places. I've always treid to take subways in the different countries I've visited and the 2 that sticks out most in my mind are the ones in Rome, Italy and Tokyo, Japan. On both of these, it's amazing that there are still women taking them since it's a given that if you're a decent looking lady on a subway, you will be "touched". It is such a common occurance that nobody including teh law even does much about it. Amazing!


Thanks for owning up to it!

Of course, if you don't like blogs, don't go to them.

End of story!

Jane, it's not nice to hold people's comments back just because you don't agree with their opinion. It's the sign of a mature individual to post comments that aren't all that flattering.

I never hold back a comment because I differ with their opinion. Only when there is excessive vulgarity or no redeeming value do I reject a comment.

You're lying. The post that you held back was my response to Anonymous. I had no other way of responding to Anonymous other than on this blog since Anonymous failed to leave either a name or a blog address where he/she could be reached. The reason you held the comment back was because I pointed out that he/she found my blog by searching with the words "Jane Lake sucks," something you didn't want anyone else to know. Don't tell me that it was because had "no redeeming value." That's a cop-out. You like to stir the pot but you don't want to deal with the consequences. As you've said before, you like to have the last word. Most children do. You're a sad, sad person and you deserve all the trolls you've attracted. But since you like Important Topics, consider this: Tyranny begins with small steps and censorship is one of them. You censored me when you refused to publish my response to Anonymous. You are truly pathetic.

"Anonymous" again. Mzunderstood, I said I was sorry. I did find your comment by searching something like: "Jane Lake Sucks." I was searching for validation of my own opinion. After reading your comment I thought that Jane should hear it. I never thought it would be posted.

I beseech thee miss Lake; I pray you find this to have enough redeeming value. Judging by the number of comments this seems to be a popular topic.

I only wish the entire internet was held to the same standards as your comments section; Jane Lake Makes a Mistake would be rejected for not having redeeming value.

Anonymous, if Jane hadn't censored me and withheld my comment because it apparently had "no redeeming value" (to her anyway), you would have seen that I wasn't upset about it. It's no big deal. I understand why you did it and that it wasn't meant for public viewing. I found it pretty amusing that you used that search term. Hopefully, Jane will let THIS one through so that you can see it.

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