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Jane Lake and America's Got Talent!

It's kind of funny how the winner of America's Got Talent turned out to be a singer, Bianca Ryan (albeit 11 years old with the voice of a 25 year old!). After all the fun "acts" including jugglers, magicians, quick change artists, and of course Leonid the Magnificent, it would have been nice if some kind of specialty act actually won.

Maybe it just says that what people actually like and want are good singers. Maybe American Idol should expand their age requirements to something more like 10 - 75 years old. Let's find out whether Taylor Hicks could actually beat Bianca Ryan or Rapping Granny?

Talent/Singing shows have been around since the advent of television (remember Star Search?) and even though American Idol is touted as a phenomenom, I think it just speaks to the fact that America just likes to be entertained.

Yeah...but I thought it was kind of sweet, and I'm not too much a "feelings" person.

Gotta give it to her though, that girl could sing!

I'll be honest. I am sick of reality TV in any form. I'd rather watch endless reruns of Mel's Diner than see another panel of hack judges criticize and condemn their way to high ratings. Piers raised the arrogance bar to a new high, and the other two were as effective as having a fat man judge a cooking contest. Just because you can sing does not mean you know what sounds good.

Please, Mel, save us.

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