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Jane Lake and August 22nd!

As you know 22 is my favorite number, so today can not possibly be the end of the world! Just thought you might like to know for planning purposes.

I don't know what all this talk about a hidden Imam is all about anyway. She has been modelling for years and is now pushing a line of cosmetics! Don't these people see magazine covers?

Well, now that I found her, everybody can rest peacefully and enjoy one of the luckiest days of the year. The big TWENTY TWO!


I have a blog that I started, ended and recently resurrected, and now I want to get it out there for people to actually read. Not only are your writings entertaining and thought provoking, but they seem to attract a decent audience, and I would love to get your thoughts on how to make mine work.

The link to my blog is as follows:

I would love for you to take a look and give me your thoughts. If you want to reply via email, my address is


Gavin Smith
Fort Worth, TX

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