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Jane Lake and Paris Hilton!

It is one thing to be rich and flighty and want to be famous for just that. It is another thing to be disrespectful and law breaking. Paris was arrested for DUI. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it took so long. Paris on her show The Simple Life blatantly makes fun of people less fortunate than herself. She calls it all an act but DUI is no act. It is life threatening to others.

I don't claim to know the real Paris Hilton, but pictures of her being blotto at party after party has to say something. Most of the folks doing reality TV are far from role models, and that's what makes the show interesting to viewers. Paris Hilton is an example of excess leading to a blur of what reality is.

Of course someday, her 15 minutes of fame will be over, her oats will be sowed, and she will turn to philanthropy. I just hope her causes benfit more than we have all suffered from her unbecoming behavior.


Out of curiosity... who do you feel have suffered from her unbecoming behavior?


My top 3 would be:

1) Teenagers who find her behavior "cool".

2) Families that watch her show when they could be playing Scrabble.

3) America as her image unfortunately represents lifestyle in our country around the world.

You're giving Paris quite a bit of the benefit of the doubt. Do you think her future will be so rosy: (when you say, "she will turn to philanthropy").

I hope you're right!

Personally I find her to be a puke. I detest her and everything about her.
Her first claim to fame was sex films. Geeze do we expect her to have any higher standards drinking and driving.

Paris is utterly revolting on sooo many levels and you my dear are a sanctimonious twit

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