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Jane Lake and Compromise!

We live in a world of compromise. Whether it is in relationships, politics, or work there is a constant negotiation to come up with what is fair.

Note that we use the word "fair" and not good or great!

Why do we settle for fair when we all know it can be better? Is it because we assume that if it is great for one person it must be poor for the other? Is it fear of an argument or conflict? Is it that we don't truly value what we believe is the best way?

I think we have all suffered from compromising our values or dreams to accomodate what is deemed as "fair".

Sometimes I think you must stand up for what is right and best and settle for nothing less. That is when everyone ultimately benefits the most. The best idea or plan is not always yours but when it is, convince everyone else, no matter how hard that may be!

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