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Jane Lake and Back To School

... but not for me!

Just another Tuesday after Labor Day for me.

No notebooks, pencils, graph paper, reinforcements, teachers, homework, cafeteria food, bullies, cliques, blackboards, note taking, tests, quizzes, memorizing, studying, hall passes, lockers, gym showers, homeroom, backpacks or reports.

Just deadlines, commuting, emails, voicemails, coffee, blackberries, meetings, phone conferences, annual reviews, bosses, staples, excel spreadsheets, word documents, late nights, weekends, and did I say coffee?

hmmm. maybe its time to go back to school!

No more penciles no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!

I read your craigslist post and here I am seeing if I agree with your views on issues and events and this is the only blog I felt like commenting on because I relate the most, haha. As I sip my coffe, I also sit in my leather executive chair and dread the spreadsheets, word docs, PDFs, staples, confrence calls, copy machine, yadda yadda, bladda bladda.

Oh and one two more things, why in the hell are you trying to raise 5 bil and how much have you collected so far?

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