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Jane Lake and Glenn Ford!

Glenn Ford was a prolific actor, granted mostly before my time, but my parents sure knew his pictures well. It is always a little sad when a celebrity passes away as they represented a segment of your life and even though you didn't know them personally, through their work you feel like you do.

As you hit the new year, magazines typically do a retrospective on who died that year. It usually contains upwards of 50 celebrities who were part of your life in some small way. What's interesting is you usually don't even remember that they died by the time you read the list.

We recently lost Bruno Kirby as you may remember but we have also lost this year already:

Mickey Spillane, Red Buttons, June Allyson, Syd Barrett, Aaron Spelling, Louis Rukeyser, Oleg Cassini, Darren McGavin (I loved the Night Stalker!), Dennis Weaver, Don Knotts, Curt Gowdy, Andreas Katsulas, Peter Benchley, Al Lewis (Bye Gramps!),Chris Penn, Anthony Franciosa, Shelley Winters, and Lou Rawls.

Scary when you list them all out! I don't look forward to seeing the full list at the end of the year!

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