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Jane Lake and Drugs!

I am a drug addict. I have 1 or 2 cups of coffee every day, and I take acetaminophen at the first sign of a headache.

Am I a bad person? Should I be in rehab?

Clearly, nobody would fault me (except for maybe Tom Cruise). Caffeine is legal, safe (and maybe healthy) if taken in moderation. It saves people from crashing their cars late at night, and goes great with biscotti.

Same with acetaminophen. No side effects. We give it to babies, and it goes great with a glass of water.

I know people that don't drink caffeinated beverages and don't take over the counter medicines either. They are always tired with a painful grimace on their face.

Just kidding! Exercise and healthy eating are much better drugs than either coffee or headache remedies, but I am not always "on the wagon" so to speak.

I wish I were stronger willed (and got better sleep!), but we are who we are. With the complexities of life, work, and family, it is difficult to say no to drugs that help you get through the day easier and are so widely accepted.

I am a fan of the Excedrin Migraine drugs. You get your pain reliever and your caffeine all rolled into one beautiful pill.


I just clicked through from London Blogger .com as I thought you may be nearby and I can't help noticing that you're not. Oh well good site anyway!

Hey Jane,

Maybe you should try Guidance Finder to see if someone has posted any answers that might help you out ;).

Hope that helps...

on the contrary, i hear caffeine can kill you.

but it takes a looooong time

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