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Jane Lake and Halloween!

The wonderful season of Halloween, now a little over 3 weeks away gives me the wonderful excuse to go out and buy bags of my candy faves. Of course, by Halloween they are all gone and I have to give out money instead!

Here is my Ode to Halloween:

Halloween will make me reborn,
Kit Kat Bars and candy corn,
Pumpkin pie and costumed kids,
All my dieting on the skids.

Parties and decorations galore,
Snickers, Mounds, and so much more!
No other day is all about fun,
Nobody cares if Jon Stewart will run!

Let's all try to capture this mood,
for the rest of the year I shall not brood.
For Halloween is a happy fix,
Now let's get shopping for licorice sticks!

Great ode to Halloween...

And why shouldn't you be allowed to speak your mind about the holiday? It's one of the few that are not strictly religious (except in ancient times), and it teaches us a good lesson...

To remember we're all mortal, and this life is just a dream.

So, in that case, I say:

Please pass the candy corn!

candy corn = the essence of Hallowe'en!!!

i can't wait for candy corn!!!!

I love Halloween.

Mostly its an excuse for everyone to dress how I do a lot of the time. YOu know the old Ministry song "Everyday is Halloween".

But also its a day where everyone is ENCOURAGED to act like something else!

-one of your CL posers.

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