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Jane Lake and Muhammad Yunus!

It is nice to know there are people out there that I have never heard of that are making such a huge impact on our world. Until today I had never heard of Muhammad Yunus, and then I find out he is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for lending money to the poorest of the poor in a grassroots drive to end world poverty. He and his bank, Grameen Bank do not require collateral.

I would love to see this replicated around the world, as it truly rewards the people who have the will to work for a decent life and escape what they may have considered to be an inevitable life of poverty.

It is people and actions like these that truly inspire me to think about creative ways to help others. It shows that you don't have to start big to make a big impact.

You are hilarious! I love the fact that you are so opinionated and you think like I do. "I estimate based on my criteria that only .22% of all men are real which is about 1 in 500. As bad as that sounds, I also estimate that only .022% of all women are real which is about 1 in 5000." ....I estimate smaller percentages based on your criteria... =)


Check out this website:

I think it is sad that the world hears so much about the Paris Hiltons and Tom Cruises and so little about the people who help the world be a better place.

Surfed in on a BlogMad double credits run.

yes that's a beautiful way to give, isn't it? you will never see the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation doing this. they don't give to individuals - which is a shame, i think.

That is an inspiring story and I agree with you, it makes one think about what you can contribute to the world, even if you dont have a ton of money.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Dear Jane Lake,

I still think your blog (and maybe you, but I don't know you) is great. I think we really do have so much in common, actually. Namely, we don't like abortion, we don't like smoking, we like nice, good, do-gooders, and we have a penchant for grammar, spelling, and punctuation!!! If that isn't sign enough that we ought to be friends, then... well... then, oh well. My (still abandoned) blog is still, and my (often neglected) myspace is, and I like you!! At least from the six posts of yours I've read...

whats the five billion for, number 11?

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