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Jane Lake and Singing!

Music is certainly a big part of our culture and our humanity, but singing in particular I find to be both uplifting and relaxing. Children love when you sing to them. Karaoke is as popular as ever.

Whether it is singing in the shower, or at the top of your lungs on a mountaintop far from where anyone could hear you, singing is therapeutic and fun.

Even if you can't hold a tune, you can find times and places to sing. Birthday parties, baseball games, and concerts give anyone the opportunity to sing soft or loud, good or bad, and be part of the festivities.

I am partial to "Vienna" by Billy Joel. Just humming a few verses can turn my mood around from sullen to motivated. The power of song is within each of us. Take advantage of it and let your vocals vibrate!

Jane...I feel the same way. I am not a great singer, but when I sing about Winnie the Pooh every morning to my 9 month old at breakfast, she loves it. I live for those smiles and coos when I sing anything to her. I generally make up the song as I go...and you can tell. I am no Rogers and Hammerstein! LOL. But her happy mood sets the tone for my whole day.

Just wanna say Hi! and thata I just love the way you post, I`m manolitomonster (the dark cavern) from the blog war by the way it is really interesting the way you post yer views



I love to sing along with my favorite CD's....a real morning energizer is Ray Charles Greatest Hits......I sing my grandchildren goodnight with whatever their current favorites are......singing and music can make me happy....note to myself: sing more!

I love to sing although I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Doesn't seem to bother the grandchildren, though, I've sung about a 1000 choruses of "The Yellow Submarine" to them and they always love it!

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