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Jane Lake and Sharing!

Go to any playground or park and you will see parents teaching their children how to share. "Ashley, let Jason play with the ball now" or "Oh, Amanda, that is soooo nice to share your grapes with Allie"

But what happens when you become an adult? Could I go up to someone in the street and say, "Oh, those m&m's look good. Could I have some?" After I post bail, I would be forced to buy my own m&m's!

Ironically, the only adults that seem to have learned their childhood lessons are smokers. "Hey, buddy, could I bum a cigarette?" "Sure, here's two, need a light?"

"Hey buddy, could I bum a stick of gum?" just crosses the line. Adults are pretty fixed in what is mine and what is not yours.

After all is said and done, maybe it should be the children teaching the adults, "Hey mommy, let Ricky's mom drive the car now."

I have no problem sharing my MnM's or my gum with people I know. And if I'm with my friends, I have no reservations about asking them to share something with me. So I think adults do share. Of course, we don't share with complete strangers, but rarely do I see parents encourage their children to share with complete strangers either. I will admit that I'd be a lot more careful about sharing a car.


That is because your m&m's and gum don't mean anything to you, and you know there is plenty more. To a child, there ball is there world. When they give it up, it is as good as gone forever.

Are you as willing to share your money, or a valuable possession with a friend? And not because your friends need it, but because you want to share it.

And in most public parks and playgrounds, many of the children and parents are complete strangers.

I think if we kept our childhood the world will look a bit better……kids are PURE and HONEST……and that’s the part we leave behind…..when a kid smile to a stranger and says hello, we think it is very cute……if an adult smile and says hi to a stranger they think we are after something…… may times did you see a kid running nude at the beach…..and people are saying… is so cute.....try to do it (not at a nudist beach).
So yes we should look at kids and learn what we forgot

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