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Jane Lake and Size!

No matter what you may say or think, size matters!

Studies show that taller people get paid more.

Scott toilet paper just announced that they have new improved toilet paper at the same cost and still 1,000 sheets. THE SHEETS ARE SMALLER!

Would you step on a bug, or does it matter how big it is?

What happened to 3" X 5" photos? Now everything is "4 X 6"!

Did we get thinner, or is size 0 a scam?

A pint of ice cream is a joke!

Did you spend your childhood hoping that you were going to be taller than the clown's hand at the amusement park?

How small does a baby have to be before you take away its right to live?

Taller people get paid more? There's no hope for me then :( lol

That last statement was a lil' controversial ;)

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)


If putting things in perspective is controversial, then I guess I am.

What you said is so true my friend.

If the bady is your younger sybling they will always be too small to deserve life

Dear Jane Lake,

I saw your ad on Craigslist, and I like you. My own (now abandoned) blog is and my myspace (!) is


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