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Jane Lake and Spinach!

Now I'm getting really mad!

I love spinach, and now Bluto is trying to take it away from me!

Spinach salad, spanakopita, sauteed with garlic, spinach omelettes, saag paneer, spinach quiche, and even creamed spinach are among my faves.

Why can't E. Coli be more selective and attack turnips? Nobody in their right mind likes turnips, unless of course it's mixed with spinach.

I don't want to be a conspiracy theory fanatic, but if terrorists wanted to create an anemic society, they might certainly start with iron rich spinach. We must battle back and double our kale intake! We can beat this. We will not let Popeye down!

We are strong to the finish when we eat our spinach!

I'm pretty sure If you cook the spinach you'll be fine.

It's psychological. Does the thought of eating dead E.Coli sound appealing to you?

Although I wouldn't wish e coli on any veggie if I had to choose one spinach would be at the top, or near the top I'd choose.

Blogmad hit!

(I've popped in here several times through blogmad and felt a comment was owed.)

yes exactly, why spinach...i'm so tired of going to the grocery stores and seeing no spinach there...

Interesting though that when people died from bad beef a few years back, there was no virtual ban on the product, just the supplier. Now the focus is on the product and not the supplier. Hmm...I wonder if there is a stong spinach lobby?

Oh how I miss spinach!

The weird late night walk up window vegetarian food black market shop has a spinach and grilled cheese (with like 3 cheeses) sandwhich. I miss, I miss!

i love spinach, and was dumbfounded when i discovered there wasnt any available at the grocery store... so i bought some lettuce. i hadnt had lettuce in years, really. it was pretty awesome. remember what you said about change, jane?

spinach, spinach, spinach. the problem on this whole E. Coli was that one grower was to blame for the number of growers of the suppliers who were notified. Once again lawyers and media blow something out of porporation when they didn't need to. Oh yeah, cooking is the only way to get rid of the E. Coli.

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