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Jane Lake and Positive Critiquing!

So I submitted my blog over at critiquemyblog, and crossed my fingers.

Check out my review!

Jane Lake's Excellent Critique

What I noticed after reading quite a few reviews, Billy Mac pretty much has something nice to say about everyone. He seems to have a knack at finding the essence of a blog very quickly and highlighting what makes it different from all other blogs.

I commend him for taking this positive route with his critiques as it not only feels good to get a nice review, but I truly think he finds what many others don't.

Surfing through passing out Cheer. Its's click and comment Monday.
Have a Blessed Week

COongrats on the good review!

that's a nice switch from the usual snarling blog reviewers.

Congrats on your Bestest Blog of the Day!! I really like your blog and will most certainly be back!!

Congrats on being the Bestest Blog of the Day!

Congrats on bestest blog. Your blog is pretty cool!

Congratulations, Miss Jane Lake, on winning Bestest Blog of the Day! I found your blog this weekend and was very impressed (as you can tell from my review on Bestest Blog)and would like to say.....WELCOME to the growing list of excellent blogs on Bestest Blog of All-Time. Your blog is unique!

Mimi Lenox

Loved the Hillary Clinton post. Congrats on being the bestest!

Hello, Jane Lake!
Make no mistake,
Your blog certainly makes
Me laugh till I ache
I wanted a steak
And I need a break
Perhaps I can take
A break for some cake
Thanks for my sake
Your blog keeps me awake!

Congratulations on your Bestest Blog!

Stop by and say hello

Great review by THE MAN. He almost called mine boring. Funny how you dwell on the not so good things rather than the compliments. Great Blog by the way. Love your sense of humor.

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