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Jane Lake and O.J. Simpson!

According to the National Enquirer, O.J. Simpson is being paid $3.5 million to write a book about the "hypothetical" murder of his ex-wife and her friend. And from what they say, it is eerily plausible.

Okay, we all know that this trial brought to light the sketchiness of a murder trial based on circumstancial evidence. The vast majority of those who watched the trial felt that O.J. was guilty, and I can't say I felt otherwise. But the bottom line is I'm not sure I could have found him guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt either.

And I greatly prefer to err on the side of letting a guilty man free than sending away an innocent man for life.

If he is innocent or guilty, hypothetically or not, I feel it is a sad commentary that the story is still being exploited for his benefit.

However, there would be a certain sense of closure if he just came out and said, "I fooled you all. I did it and there's nothing you can do about it now."

hate to be a "stickler" but the standard of proof is "beyond a reasonable doubt" not "shadow of a doubt" the great legal minds have told us time and again...all things, ALL THINGS are open to SOME doubt...anyway...I agree with you though...even under "reasonable doubt" --would have been mighty hard convict...

Whoa! Whether he truly is guilty or not, that's just insane. Seriously, how many people would ever even consider writing something like that about a former lover? Realistic or not, the fact that he even wrote it...yikes!

It sounds like that's what this book just might be

"OK, I did it. Now shut up."

I believe that O.J. will eventually trip himself up. Murderers, the experts say, return to the scenes of their crimes.

I don't know whether O.J. has returned physically to the scene of the murder but it would seem that he has returned more than once to the scene mentally - and gone public with his thoughts.

As for the L.A.P.D., once Furman and his partner went over O.J.'s fence without a warrant, they lost the case in my mind.

There is nothing circumstantial about the victims blood being on his car, on his socks, and on the glove he so magically could not fit his hand in . ( leather tends to shrink when soaked even when the agent is blood). No one else had motive either. He had a history of violence toward her as well. Juries in LA have a difficult time convicting celebrities in general , let alone one represented by a brilliant and shameless attorney.

Sometimes I think that I am the only person in America that believes O.J. didn't do it (besides O.J. himself).

Sure the man had motive, but the way I understand it, several people did and so would anybody that knew his snotty former lover and the supposed "busboy" from the restaurant.

Most likely her death was a result of a deal for drugs that went badly. I was happy to see O.J. walk from the shoddy case the state of California had attempted to prosecute him with. I personally think that he knows who is responsible for those deaths and that he is afraid of what they might do to him or his children if he exposes them.

I'm sure some of the 3.5 million from his book deal will be going to the "loving" parents and family members of the suposed "victims", seeing as how O.J. lost the civil case against him.

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