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Jane Lake and 3-D glasses!

To make the Times Square experience more bizarre this year, Target figured out a new gimmick and is supplying the revelers with 3-D glasses so they will see the famous Target logo coming out of the falling Swarovski crystal ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve. I won't even address the commercial ridiculousness of it all.

I went to Times Square one New Year's Eve long ago and believe me once is enough. If you like to stand in the freezing cold for hours huddled around a TV camera with masses of people crushing up against you waiting to scream every time the red light goes on the camera then you have found your dream experience.

Now you get to wear cheap 3-D glasses that will probably give you a headache, will keep falling off and in the worst case scenario you will be seeing bull's eyes for the rest of your life.

Don't get me wrong. I will laugh with the rest of the country as some palooka from Minnesota will swear he is having the best time of his life as 50 people behind him jump in and out of the camera frame.

Happy New Year to all! May 2007 be your bestest year ever, and may 22% of your dreams come true!

Stupid question, and i know Jane Lake will know the answer, but why 22%?

Because you don't want all of your dreams to come true or you will have nothing to look forward to. 22% is the perfect amount. It is enough to make you very happy, but still longing for more.

Wishing you many happy posts!

Happy New Years!


A Happy New Year to you as well Jane.

Times Square always looks far too cold at New Year when I see it on TV. I must admit though that when I was young I did jump into a fountain with all the other revelers in London ....didn't even get a cold afterwards.

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