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Jane Lake and Making Mistakes!

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We all make mistakes and face the consequences. The challenge is in not trying to defend yourself. The choices you have when you make a mistake are to blame someone else, try to justify it, lie about it, deny it is a mistake, or own up to it.

Presidents face this issue in the most public of ways. President Clinton tried them all and found owning up to it actually got him off the hook. Yes, sometimes there are consequences to admitting a mistake, but I think it always brings you to a better place. I think President Bush made a mistake regarding Iraq and he is taking the deny it is a mistake route. He will own up to it twenty years from now I'm sure.

I have certainly experienced many mistakes in my life and have tried any and all of the above. Sometimes the hardest part is owning up to the mistake to yourself. After all, you are your own hardest critic. As we approach the new year, I need to make a note to myself to face up to my mistakes quicker and with more resolve next year. Keeping an internal clean slate keeps Jane healthier, hopefully wealthier, and definitely wiser.

I understand what you are trying to say, but you need to look at the "size" of the mistake. What was the cost of the mistake?
The mistakes we make may or may not change the world.
As for Mr. Bush...No matter how long it takes him to admit his mistakes in Iraq, it will never bring back the lives lost. The size of his mistake is beyond measure.

From BBC News:

"UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W Bush have made a stark public acknowledgement that they made mistakes in Iraq."

This meme that Bush never admits mistakes survives even though it's clearly contradicted by reality. I guess that's one problem when people start getting their news solely from blogs: They stop getting news that contradicts their preconceived worldview. Heaven knows Daily Kos isn't going to post something that contradicts his caricature of Republicans.

I've noticed that those who do wrong and then make grand apologies tend to be held in higher esteem than those who never did wrong... sigh...

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