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Jane Lake and Shameless Promotion!

Don't you hate when bloggers use their blogs to promote "get rich quick" schemes, or things that you sign up for and get spammed for years to come.

Ever since Blogmad announced their prelaunch of Exlinks, I see links to it on every blog from here to Timbuktu. Nobody even knows what it does or if it will work! I have not promoted it on my blog not because I think it is a scam, but only because every other blogger already has signed up and is promoting it. I have signed up 75 referrals just in case it turns out to be something worthwhile!

So just to be a little different, I thought I would share two programs that are also just starting out, are free to join, never cost you anything and potentially could provide you with decent extra income. And before anyone screams "pyramid scheme", let me point out that programs that don't cost anything to anybody can not be a pyramid scheme by definition!

The first is AGLOCO. This company was setup by Stanford MBA's trying to capture a nice chunk of the online advertising market. Basically they give you a viewbar, which you get paid to use for 5 hours a day. You also make money for every referral that uses the viewbar as well. You also get shares in their IPO if it makes it that far. They have a nifty referral calculator that will show you that you will potentially make 6 figures with a decent referral base.

Check it out here:


The other site is similar. It is called Take The Internet Back. Like AGLOCO, there is no cost to you, you get free downloads, a share of the advertising revenue and points which become stock shares for reading emails and referring others.

Check it out here:

Take The Internet Back

I like these programs that with a little work you can build a few extra paychecks a month. It really does add up.

Sorry for the shameless promotion, but for those of you that sign up, I really do hope that you make a lot of money!

Thanks Jane! I signed up for both programs. They really look excellent.

I totally agree with you about Exlinks as well.

"Ever since Blogmad announced their prelaunch of Exlinks, I see links to it on every blog from here to Timbuktu."...

Umm you don't see a link to it on my site... hehe

I can assure you that eXlinks isn't a scam. I have been told about how it'll work, although I can't disclose this.

BlogMad was also in a lengthy pre-launch period (I was involved since Oct 2005, and if I'm not mistaken it didn't go anywhere near public release until about March this year).

Be patient :)

How much money are we talking about here?


Some people live off of these types of programs making $10k - $25k a month. They invest their own money and use aggresive internet marketing.

For the average folks, making $50 - $500 a month with reasonable effort and promotion is realistic.

Hi Jane.. thanks for the comment on my blog and the tip on Take The Internet Back. Would you want to trade links?

Already added your blog to my blogroll.. thanks! ;)


Thanks for the post on my blog at

I totally agree with your comment and am a member of AGLOCO. The "monetization" of my work is actually through my project blog, The Dragonfly Project, which you can access through the first blog.

You are a fantastic writer and have a great work in progress on your own blog as well.

Scott "The Dragonfly" Douglas

PS. I have always been a fan of Star Trek, too.

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