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Jane Lake and New Game Shows!

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Deal or No Deal, 1 VS 100, and Show Me The Money are the next generation of game shows. Glitzy sets, big money, and attractive models set these new shows apart from the classics like Jeopardy! It is like Wheel of Fortune on Red Bull.

Deal or No Deal requires zero skill and allows contestants to make completely uneducated decisions and walk away with $100,000. Pick a suitcase from 1 to 26 from an attractive model (I aspire to hold suitcase 22!) and start getting offers to sell your suitcase from a mysterious banker.

Dumb, Corny, and not as fun as Lets Make a Deal, but if the contestant is wacky enough, it can be worth watching.

1 VS 100 is not long for this world. No attractive models, just 100 mob members that have included Ken Jennings (from Jeopardy fame) and Kevin Federline (from spousal fame). They have already changed the rules to try to revive it, but too many commercials, average intelligence of the contestants, and questions that are either too easy or too hard make it the Biggest Loser!

That leaves us with Show Me The Money! Hosted by none other than William Shatner, this show actually requires some intelligence from its contestants. Mr. Shatner has a history of being in the right place at the right time, and even though he is a bizarre host, this just might work. The Million Dollar Dancers are reminiscent of the Fly Girls from In Living Color (J Lo's launching pad!). You can't quit when you are doing well which makes it more interesting. If they can find great contestants I predict this one will be around for awhile and Jane Lake will someday be saying:


I love the Shatman but I haven't seen this show.

I've got to agree with you. I haven't seen Show Me The Money, though, it looked corny. Sometimes I wonder if they choose actors or get them pepped up first on Deal Or No Deal... Take care.

I can't stand the spastic contestants on Deal or No Deal, which I sometimes watch near the end of a game out of pure curiosity, then laugh when they choose the wrong suitcase based on magical thinking -- "that model has the same name as a girl I didn't like in college, so she won't have the million dollars!" -- it's a guessing game, there's no skill, knowledge, or trick to it, therefore no appeal.

When will Rachael Ray get her own mindless, over-hyped game show? She's got every other kind of celebrity show.

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