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Jane Lake and Shopping!

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I am certainly one of the benefactors of the online shopping world.

I order food from FreshDirect. I order drugstore stuff through I order books through or (depending on price and coupons). All of my Christmas presents and Hanukkah presents were bought online.

True, I haven't left my bedroom since 1995, but its sooooooo comfortable.

I used to go into a large department store and within 10 minutes, I would be weak and dizzy. Maybe that's why I always needed socks and underwear. I never lasted long enough in the store to get them. I needed to prioritize when I went to a store. Only the first couple of items got bought as I faded out so quickly.

But now there is,,, and The list is virtually endless (no pun intended!).

Malls and department stores still seem to be thriving but I have no idea why.

Now if I could just get cash online! No more ATM machines!

Great writing today Jane. It's days like this when i need to read your stuff and give me a good quick laugh so i can keep going.

I too, would be entirely ECSTATIC is there was a way to get cash from home :)

What need have you for cash? You don't go anywhere to spend paper money ;-}

Malls are for suckers.

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