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Jane Lake and Returning to Work!

I am back!

Although it is always a disappointment when vacations end, coming back to work can be like a fresh beginning. For a solid three hours you feel like you have energy and desire to be better than ever. Unfortunately a week of vacation only buys you three hours of this illusion. By lunchtime, the work and all of the headaches make you ready for another vacation.

The good part about this time of year is you get back just in time for the holiday parties, holiday food baskets sent by clients, more vacation not too far away, and everyone attempting their part at good cheer.

If it only lasted past Christmas!

I feel the same way about the day after a holiday or vaca, feeling like you can run it all or at least try, but then you realize that that mentality will only get you more work or that there is really nada to do, and all your enthusiasm goes into trying to beat that new game on Kontraband dot com.

I always feel you need a vacation from vacation. I think this must be planned from now on in my life ;)

Happy Click & Comment Monday!

I wish i had a vication. But i know exactly what you feel last year after my 2 week vacation. LAsted a good 10 mins in office then started day dreaming.

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