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Jane Lake and Life on Other Planets!

I got to thinking about life on other planets and how it relates to religions and God. Certainly there is no place in the bible where life on other planets is either supported or rejected.

Why would God want life on only one planet anyway? Maybe the Adams and Eves on other planets didn't eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and snakes still walk and talk. It seems a little like overkill to create a whole universe just to put life on Earth.

I'm not even sure how we know there is nothing outside our Universe. We certainly have no way way of detecting something that might be a googleplex to the third miles away.

What is my point? Well, it seems we are always searching for answers to the big questions. Discovering an advanced civilization on another planet would probably give us more answers (and more questions) than anything we can divine on this little blue marble.


Go NASA is right, why did we ever stop at the moon..why did we go there and then just stop manned exploration? ? Humans always need to explore and we are letting machines do it while we sit around fighting amongst ourselves,,,if we had spent the time and effort into what the venerable Capt Kirk did and reach out an explore new places, instead we might be a lot happier with each other here on earth.

Great post! :-)

I'm right there with you, Jane.

Imagine the insights and knowledge we could glean from communicating with intelligences having an entirely different perspective than our own.

You're right about the "more questions" bit too, though!

I dread to think what excuse the christian and islamic funamentalists would come up with if we found life on another planet...


O.K. someones got to play the devils advocate here. 1. A Civilizations that is vastly more advanced than our own would surely know of us befoe we knew of them. 2. If we did encounter said "superior" people then history would repeat itself like it always does. What happens when an advanced culture meets a more primitive culture. Where are the indigenous peoples of S. and Central America? What about N.America? Etc,etc. Didn't anyone read "War of the worlds"???

Puh lease. Christian and Islamic Fundamentalist? Aren't you profiling??
Devil's advocate says: 1. Wouldn't such a vastly superior civilization know of us well before we "discovered" them? 2. Based on history what would be the most likely outcome of the human race meeting said "superior" beings? Where are the indigenous peoples of S. and Central America? How about N. America? Didn't you guys see "War of the worlds"?? 3. Some people believe the bible addresses aliens on many occasions. Do a google search for aliens and bible. Wasn't that the thesis behind the "Stargate" movie? Aliens used humans as slaves, ..... Don't even talk about "V"!!!

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