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Jane Lake and Abortion!

Okay, lets get it over with. The most controversial subject on this planet, and yet to me it is completely straightforward.

Scientists have known that life begins at conception since the late 1800's. That isn't my opinion or even an opinion at all. It is like saying the Earth revolves around the sun. DUH! Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) hoped to use abortion to eliminate undesirables. She was one of the most dangerous racists this planet has ever known. She manipulated women, politicians, churches, and businesses to ultimately kill tens of millions of innocent lives, to this very day!

So anyone that says that abortion is anything but taking a human life, and anything but harmful to women is:

a: lacking morality
b: lacking intelligence
c: brainwashed by Planned Parenthood and the like.
d: completely misinformed
e: cowardly

I know these are strong words, but abortion kills more people than wars, the death penalty, and most diseases.

I wish we could go back in time and stop Ms. Sanger, but it is too late. Like this countries growing awareness of the evils of slavery, we will become deprogrammed about abortion as well as time goes on.

Why? Because we ultimately know inside of us what is right vs. wrong, and at the end of the day right always wins!

what is your opinion on women who get pregnant because they were raped? Is this situation any different?

1% of abortions are due to rape. That means of the 50 million abortions in the US since 1923, about 49.5 million had nothing to do with rape.

I spew this statistic to put it in perspective.

Now to your question. Rape is a violent horrific crime, and if it results in pregnancy even more so. But no matter what the crime in this country, murdering an innocent bystander is not an acceptable response. The unborn child in the case of rape is completely innocent. It is not his/her fault that the rape was committed. That child has all the rights in the world to be loved and cared for.

A very contentious issue and like others you have your view. Whichever way, this will always be a very difficult decision for a woman to make regardless of the circumstances.
And, what's right for one person is not necessarily right for another, that's what makes us uniquely human.

Can you have a view on killing? or is it black and white? One of the biggest propaganda techniques of the proabortion industry is to make this a grey issue, but it just simply is not. The real difficult decision for women is whether or not to have sex when they are not prepared for the consequences.

I think that abortion is wrong. However, I don't feel that abortion should be illegal. Those responsible will have to live with it for the rest of their lives...probably longer. Making abortion abother thing that the government controls is not the way. The U.S. already controls too much of supposedly free peoples lives...and they do it by fear tactics such as saying abortion is are a murderer!

Even, if those who commit abortion are murderers...they will surely live with those consequences their whole lives...and then some. I am in all in favor of this being a faux paus in society...just not banning abortion...if that happens their are just too many other freedoms that we may give up later on in history.

I think that it is pretty ridiculous to say that those who are pro-choice are "lacking in intelligence and morality" as well as "cowardly".

Surely you could make your argument without needing to debase people simple for having a differing opinion, no?

I always kind of liked your blog until now. You're a rather brainwashed holy-roller dudette, and I feel nothing but sorrow for you.

Hi Jane.

Well, you knew you were gonna get the hate mail.

But you spoke up anyway! You got guts!

I guess ariadneK, Ph.D. won't be coming to your birthday party.

People in the TV biz will probably be hostile to you too. But you probably already thought of that. So once again, I salute your guts.

Marie b:

What would you say about people that say the Earth is flat? Would you say they just have a differing opinion?

Ariadne k:

I'm rubber, you're glue...

Marky Mark:


I hardly want to encourage you by leaving a comment, particularly as my own blog is so utterly facile and designed to amuse - but I can only agree with Marie and Ariadne.

I hope that you are never put in a position in which either you or someone close to you has to consider having an abortion; f you are, I rather hope you do a little more research before you make what is, I acknowledge, an extremely difficult decision.

All the best


I wouldn't abort a child but people who do probably did it because it was the best thing they could think of at that time.

Hope you'll never be put in a situation like that. :)

People like you should be exterminated, Jane. I agree with Daisy: it would be quite interesting to see you in a "situation" of sorts. Hmm...would you have the child of a brutal rapist, or what if your kinky father decided to have a go at you? ;-)


Hitler could not have said it any better than you just did!

I wish you the best.

Wow, another close-minded pro-lifer spewing whatever comes out of your mouth? I'm shocked!

I'd try to explain how you should base your arguments on fact and with an open mind but anyone who labels the opposition 'cowards' or 'lacking intelligence' doesn't deserve anything other than being taken off my list of blogs and blocked from my surfing.

So, good job!


There is nothing to explain. That is why you don't. I am the one using facts and reason. Proabortionists use smoke and mirrors. The comments I have received here show that clearly.

"What would you say about people that say the Earth is flat? Would you say they just have a differing opinion?"

I fail to see what that has to do with your view of those who are pro-choice.

Apples and oranges and obvious that you can think of nothing else to defend your childish and baseless insults of those whose opinions differ from yours, which really is a pity.

Abortion as contraceptive is ridiculous. People need to prevent rather than cure. That said, I am vehemently pro-choice, regardless of circumstance.

And I'd rather see a rise in abortions than the continued rise in inadequate, incompetent teenage mothers (and fathers).

Marie B

My point is that when someone is wrong and someone is right it is not differing opinions (as in the slavery issue).

* asterick

Your first 2 lines had promise. Then you went awry!

You'/re right!!! I could NEVER have dreamed of aborting my beautiful little boy. He'/s my whole life! But I think we should keep abortion legal for those welfare whores. They'/re nothing but baby making machines sucking up our tax dollars. They just spit out more babies so they can get more welfare money.

Perhaps you will find Jesus next, and then your simple-minded surety that you know what's best for other people will be complete.

No, chinabounder, I think that he/she/it (or is it just "shit"?), whatever "Jane Flake" is, already feels like the messiah.

"My point is that when someone is wrong and someone is right it is not differing opinions (as in the slavery issue)."

I think you should look up the meaning of the word "opinion" before you present your personal one as complete, absolute and supposedly intelligent fact whilst insulting others in the same breath.


I take "finding Jesus" seriously as I am a Christian - but honestly, your comment was too hilarious.

Jane sounds young and fresh and fiery...take pity on her.

Yup, I'll take pity on her (Jane Flake) only after she's burning in the pits of hell. Oh, wait, no pity then: I'll be having a party in honor of her whorish demise.

Oh my, where to begin? 1st, Jane, you are a young (23) girl. You seem to live in a bubble, and have not yet grown up (although I'm sure you might one day). In your profile you answer your question with 'glass slippers' who other than a young girl living in a fantasy world would answer with this? You list 'life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness' in your interests? "Only for you does this apply, or for the rest of the planet too?"
Hopefully nothing happens to you in life to put you in a position to have to make a choice for your life and others. (well, maybe not, maybe you should experience some pain and sorrow so you could have empathy for others in this world) You justify your comments with attacks on others not with facts. Your opinions are just that 'yours' and you do have the right to them - this is because of all of the men and women who have gone before you and fought for your freedom (yes, these soldiers killed). You probably have no comprehension of this. Have you any idea how to put this into prespective? These soliders 'killed' so you could have your freedom! Does this equate with abortion? Is killing - killing? Maybe one day when you grow up and live in reality you will understand that people make decisions for themselves-survial of the fittest? Walk a mile in anothers shoes before you throw rocks! And if you still have no understanding of this then FUCK OFF AND DIE. The majority of people really do like the freedom that we have. It is apparent that you do not appericate what has been given to you with your freedom. Is it possible that you and Hilter have more in common than the average? Wanting to control others to the point of telling them what they can and can not do with their own lives? I could go on and on, but I have already wasted too much of my valuable time with someone who is young, stupid, and inconsiderate.

Vulgarity, direspect for others, preconceived assupmtions all support my beliefs and bring more people over to my side (the good side).

Thanks for your help!

Hallelujah! Righteousness prevails! I have nothing to add except -- where's the Spanish Inquisition when we really need it?? Pregnant sluts who want to murder their unborn fetuses -- we will torture you until you see the Light and realize: God Loves You!! God will bathe you in His Divine Light of Pure Love (unless you sin, and then He will make you die 1,000 deaths of wretched agony!)

Feel The Love!

What is your view on capital punishment?

I am against capital punishment. I am PRO LIFE. There is never a legitimate reason to take a life. Saving taxpayer money is the weakest of all!

Dude, you're an idiot.

When medical ethicist Bonnie Steinbock was interviewed by Newsweek and asked the question "So when does life begin?," she answered: "If we’re talking about life in the biological sense, eggs are alive, sperm are alive. Cancer tumors are alive. For me, what matters is this: When does it have the moral status of a human being? When does it have some kind of awareness of its surroundings? When it can feel pain, for example, because that’s one of the most brute kinds of awareness there could be. And that happens, interestingly enough, just around the time of viability. It certainly doesn’t happen with an embryo."

If the point of death is defined as a lack of electrical activity in the brain's cerebral cortex one might use the same criteria to define the start of human life. One might argue that fetal life becomes human person when electrical activity commences in the cerebral cortex. Human personhood, would then start when consciousness begins and ends when consciousness irrevocably ends. One could then argue that a fully-informed woman should have access to abortion at any point before the point that human personhood begins [week 6].

You made me laugh (thanks;)... but to correct another point where you are wrong(beside the origional point, it is more costly to execute someone than to incarcerate them for life... just a fact(like the two anon. posts above mine). See, things like when human life starts are opinions... like if god exists (though many people who share your views think that is a fact too). You may get your wish though, when that judge you seem not to like (though he is there for people like you) makes abortion illegal again. Then women who face the (not easy) choice of dropping out of high school and raising a child alone on minimum wage or terminating the pregnancy will be driven back to coathangers (though if they die in a back ally abortion clinic then they deserved it right? They were in the middle of an act of murder)
I am thankful that I live in canada where this is a settled subject... might I suggest alabama for you, you'd fit right in (One last point, if you consider yourself a 'liberal' person, that one Opinion means that you are not... just my opinion (see how that works?)

This is just a general comment about this subject.

A few years ago I viewed abortion as just another choice to make. No big deal. If the girl I was with got pregnant and it didn't make sense to have the baby for financial reasons or because we weren't ready then: just have an abortion.

And yeah, you could go on and on about specific reasons for having an abortion, but at the end of the day it's still called an abortion.

So anyways... that's crazy to me that I had that attitude before.

It seems so clear-cut to me now, but before I didn't have that sense of appreciation for life, that sense of respect and regard for life.

And not just in the sense of abortion, but across the board.

There's a major problem with our society when we're talking about: well, when exactly is a good time for abortion. 1st week, 2nd week, etc. Dude! that's crazy to me now.

When exactly is the baby conscious or have feelings or when exactly is the embryo (fetus) or whatever it's called considered a baby.

It's like we're saying, "well, if I don't go actually go all the way with this one girl, then it's not cheating on my wife." Let me see how close I can get to the street before I get hit by a car.

I'm not condemning people that think like this, I used to think like that too.

But people like that can't or don't want to see the depravity in their lives.

There are probably those of you that know why my life was turned around. Some may have an idea of why my attitude towards abortion changed.

But even then it's much more than an issue of abortion.

I'll just say it in short:


He takes away the sins of the world.

All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Him.

Look to Jesus, live, and leave your life of sin. He will help and guide you.

Hi Jane! Just thought you should know: I hear Dial Soap is a good vehicle for INDUCING ABORTIONS! This is GOOD NEWS to all those young teen mothers out there who are looking to terminate that pregnancy when our fine administration finally have the good sense to outlaw abortion.

I say: put abortion back in the hands of the people where it belongs! Heck, I have a whole CLOSET FULL of handy dandy fetus poking COAT HANGERS ready to be donated to any mother who'd like to make a PREEMTIVE STRIKE against their UNBORN CHILD! It serves them right! I'd rather see one of these so-called "mothers" BLEED TO DEATH than have a bonified medical professional MURDER the TINY HUMAN BEING in their WOMB! In fact, I propose a campaign in which we lace birth control pills with CYANIDE so that we can elliminate any woman who would deny GOD'S MIRACLE by preventing conception! Heck, screw that! Think of all the the potential HUMAN BEINGS that are wasted every time a woman MENSTRUATES, or a man EJACULATES! will ANGELINA JOLIE adopt THOSE babies? I don't think so!

So buy more DIAL SOAP, Jane!


You are a...

Never mind!


Yes? Don't hold back Jane! Don't stifle that impulse to exercise your 1st amendment rights! In fact, I think you should broadcast your opinions to as many folks as will listen!

I have a really important question for you Jane: what do you have in mind for my body today? Since you obviously know more than anyone about human biology, I was wondering what agenda you had for my body and its innards. I don't dare make a move without your go ahead, so please don't keep me in suspense!

As a amateur on the subject, I do have (if you'll allow me to be so bold) some advice for YOU Jane. You may find that from your current perspective, things look a little dark and narrow. To put some light on the subject, try and shimmy your head loose (you might try using a little Dial Soap) from it's current place of confinement. Once you stop bending over backwards I think you'll be able to see the world in a whole new way! Take a deep breath Jane! Take in a little of that fresh oxygen! What's it like?

Wow Jane! I'm stunned.

I was just avoiding going to bed, 'cause I'm still like a 4 year old that way, and was surfing blogger via 'The Bestest Blog...'

I have to say that I admire you for taking on this subject, I haven't had the stones to do it yet on my blog.

I have to say that I agree with you completely.

I have to say I love the way you cover the whole subject so in such a to-the-point manner.

It ain't a popular position, as the commenter previous to me proves, but...


I wanna be like you when I grow up.

A new view on pregnancy may help the situation.

If all mothers were seen as honorable vessels for new life to enter this world, no matter what the circumstances of their child's conception, then perhaps the option to continue with the pregnancy would become more attractive.

Also, adoption could be seen as an honorable choice that allows children to be raised people who desire to do so, rather than by a reluctant or ill-equipped mother or father.

I agree wholeheartedly! I think all women should be considered honorable storage facilities for potential human life! Sort of like a really safe box with a lock on it that doesn't belong to them. Like a kind of incubator that belongs to the Federal government.

So Todd, how many honorable children have you honorably adopted? How about you, Jane? You're of age. I'm sure you intend to personally adopt every baby you save in your crusade, I mean, that would only be the honorble thing to do, wouldn't it? Why not start now?

And Jane, you forgot to finish your sentence. I'm a...

I'm a WHAT? That's SOME zinger, Jane. You really got me with that one. OUCH.

Okay Jed, you asked for it.


Too bad you just miss the point on this one. On the adoption issue, I guess you haven't figured out that I am really Angelina Jolie!

Ok, I responded to you on my blog where you last posted, and where your not likely to return any time soon, so I'll repeat it here:

Janet, your aggressively judgemental views on abortion freak me out. I try not to instantly assume that anyone who disagrees with my opinions on a single issue is a brainwashed imbecile, even when they're you.

I'm about as lefty as they come, but this is exactly why I hate stuff like Air America Radio. If I have to hear Janeanne Garafalo refer to Republicans as "retards" one more time I'm seriously going to vote Green.

So I guess, it's not so much your position that abortion is imoral that pisses off--it's an opinion you're entitled to, and one which I happen to disagree with--but the fact that you've decided that anyone who does not share that opinion can't possibly be in their right mind, or a free thinking person.

And I AM curious: how many babies HAVE you adopted?

You seem to misunderstand my comment.
I have never said that anyone should be forced to do anything. I am not into authoritarianism. The point is that adoption should be for those who both desire it and are in a position to provide a safe and stable home. There seem to be plenty of those around, as far as I am aware. As I understand it, there are more people that wish to adopt than babies up for adoption, at least in my own country.

Jane, you surely must be trolling. What, Haven't figured out how to insert ads on your site yet?

Real scientists have no clue when life begins, sorry to burst your self-induced bubble.

But I'm really bored, and I'll play.

When you remove the choice for what someone does with their internal organs, when you place that control upon an external force, you subject that person to a form of slavery.

So jane, you're in favor of slavery? You're not pro-choice, you're pro-slavery.

How 'bout if we all agree to force by law all women to produce 5 children, mimimum?

Rape is illegal because you are forcing someone to do something against their will, the same as a forced pregnancy. But, the buybill considered rape to be merely a property crime against the owner of the property -the father or the husband. Perhaps we should use that definition again?

Let's legalize slavery and rape like it used to be!

I believe anybody who has not been in the situation of deciding whether to go on with an unplanned pregnancy or not should be very careful about criticizing people who have an abortion. Be happy that you haven't been in that situation yet, Jane. I have, and I decided to have my child and deal with the consequences - and still I think that abortion must remain an option to women. Unless you've lived through something like this, have some respect for people who do.

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