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Jane Lake Tells It Like It Is!

My blog is not the prettiest, and my posts are not the wittiest, but what I bring to the table is an opportunity for others to see how something can come from very little.

I have many friends who tell me about what they are going to do, and how they are reading about how to do something and talking to people about the best ways to do it. The sad part is that they very rarely ever DO IT! And if they do, if they don't have immediate success, it fades away.

Blogging is a microcosm of any endeavor in one's life. It takes some work and you get very little immediate gratification, but over time you learn, discover, and explore. Things happen that you could not have planned and would not have expected. Opportunities expand and you become proficient in skills that you were just so-so with before.

Doing is much better than planning, and it is amazing how much you can actually fit into a day, and how much burden you can actually shoulder!

Great post. I have friends who do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing so I can relate. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading yours and you from one of my FAVORITE cities.

I used to know a Jane Lake.
Did you ever work for IBM?

Up until "wittiest" you were spot on. Everything after that word is total crap.

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