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Jane Lake and the Obligatory Father's Day Post

Father's Day isn't one of my favorites. Oh, I love my father, don't get me wrong, but obligatory gift giving holidays is more a burden than a pleasure. Anyone that randomly gets a gift when they don't expect it would tell you it is something they remember forever.

Father's around the country will smile politely today at ugly ties, ugly shirts, and ugly sweaters, while cooking carcinogenic meat at the barbie for their families to enjoy. People who have no fathers or their dad has passed on will be painfully reminded of the absence.

Let's all HONOR THY FATHER by making every day a father's day, not just the third Sunday in June.

I understand you sentiments on this subject. As a father, at times the forced recognition that this day can bring feels worse than having no day at all.

However, all throughout the year when my kids tell me that they love me or that I am the "best daddy in the world", that means everything.

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