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Please Donate to My Quest to Raise $5 Billion

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Jane Lake Begins Her Quest!

After careful consideration, and the overwhelming support of my readers, I have decided to pursue my quest to raise $5 billion. You will see above, that I have added a donation button for this journey. Again, the suggested donation is $5,000, but as they say on the subway, "Whatever you can spare". The maximum tax free gift you can give is $12,000, but this will definitely get me to my goal quicker!

As the numbers get significant I will notify the Guinness Book, and I'm sure Forbes will be keeping an eye on me as well. I will post periodically on the progress, and support that I get from all of you.

Remember, this is not just about putting crazy money in my pocket. I will help the world and all of you, so START DONATING TODAY!

Please do keep us posted! You've come up with a great idea ma'am, mind if I "join" in on the "competition"?

All monetary contributors will be on my "Board of Advisors" and will be my sounding board for prioritizing projects with the money, so please contribute something so you get in on the revolution!


You know like in realestate, location location, location. So to with Blogs, it's all about content conten, content.

Besides telling us what you want to do (raise billions) tells us why you deserve to have that much and what you would do with it. Generate some content to make us want to come back. Only then will your ad sense make you any money.

My father is a freemason. To get to Carnegie Hall, you need to practice, practice, practice. So to with blogs. I will achieve my goals and in time you will appreciate that I should.

So Jane, how much have you raised so far?

Counting your contribution, Eric or without?

So how much have you raised so far?

I'm still in 3 figures but approaching 4 figures rapidly. It's 10 figures or bust!

Nothing like begging to make money.

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