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Jane Lake and New York City!

Silly rabbit, New York is for kids! and everyone else!

Restaurants, skyscrapers, museums, theater, people.
Greenwich Village, Battery Park, Central Park,Soho, Tribeca, Upper East and Upper West... It never ends and it never stays the same.

The city is like a living, breathing organism. The food is infinite. My choices as a vegetarian are amazing. Zen Palate, VP2, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian, Lebanese, and did I say PIZZA!!!!

You take a walk and end up walking five miles before you know it. You can sit on a bench and be entertained for hours.

Just thought I would remind myself how great it is before it gets so hot and sticky, you can't breathe!

You cite hormones as one of your reasons for not eating meat, but what do you think the cows that produced that cheese were pumped full of?

Cafeteria vegetarian.

while your living your healthy life style make sure to take big breaths of that oh so healthy nyc air.

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