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Jane Lake and Rain!

I hate rain. It makes everything worse. Plans are ruined. Umbrellas get inverted and your shoes get soaked. Driving is dangerous and wet jeans are the worst! and flooding, fuhgettaboutit. You would think someone would have come up with a way to divert it away from streets and sidewalks and have it rain only on grassy areas. Come on Gates, with all the free time you will have, come up with something!


Kids love it and watching it rain from a dry place can be fun, but thats what water parks and car washes are for.

I love rain. I wish it would rain every day of the week. Rain makes things grow. :-)

Tell that to former New Orleans residents.

Why would I want to do that? Besides, anyone who's stupid enough to live in a city that sits below sea level deserves what they get.

I agree with jenny. Rain feels good ... freshens the air ... makes things grow. It deadens noises that intrude on peace and quiet. Gentle rain makes me smile and I put my face up and feel it. Hard, pouring rains enlivens my spirit. It excites me. It washes the dust and drear of a day away like nothing else.

And I've always said that people who live in areas that flood and always have shouldn't complain when it floods again. The bureaucratic mess is what got people in New Orleans into trouble, and the levees that needed to be repaired long before Katrina hit. Another government snafu that did them in. But not the rain.

how about one of those summer showers!! hard, loud and with thunderbolts and lightinings???

I love those!

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