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Jane Lake and Swearing!

Why do people swear anymore? These are the three reasons I think it is silly.

1) The words have no meaning. If you call someone a big jerk or a f------ jerk, it has no distinction. You would be better off calling the person a jerk extrordinaire.

2) No one admires people that swear. No one will say "Oh, you must read a lot" or "I want to grow up like him"

3) It makes people mad. Try saying to someone on the subway. Could you please move over sh--head" and see what happens.

I guess the only reason the words are still around is that bad stand up comics use them when they have no other way of being funny.

Jane Lake asks that you please don't swear and especially around children! Who gives a bibble anyway?

You're not fucking serious, are you? That's the stupidest motherfucking thing I've heard all day.

Hi Jane.

Don't you find it ironic when all the earthy crunchy "rights" people get so hostile when you exercise your rights?

It has always fascinated me.

I'm not talking about mzunderstood so much specifically. I'm just talking more about your blog in general and especially the you-know-what post. You know some of those people are conflicted to the max.

Well, bye.

I agree with you Jane Lake!

swear words are fun! why does everything have to be so dull and lifeless? as in all things, however, there is a time and place for such language.


Help me out.

Go over to my blog and tell Jed Alexander you'd buy the Yeah Butt. Follow this link.

Thanks. You know I'd do it for you.

well fuck is more or less used as courtesy sake in our group....the tone of the voice is what matters when u abuse

Jane Lake deleted my comment AGAIN!!!!!! What's wrong with pointing out that "fucktard" has more impact than "idiot"??? Counting the minutes until you delete THIS ONE! Still waiting for that "Jane Lake and Hypocrisy" post. You're proving you can dish it out but you can't take it every time you delete a comment you don't like.

Hey Jane ... your blog title says "Jane Lake Makes a Mistake". What's the mistake? Thinking that anyone cares about what you think?

Although most people appreciate verbal dexterity, nothing beats a sour F***K.

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